Once upon a time the Catholic Church was known for being a patron of the arts. Anyone who has ever been to Italy or France or Poland in the last five centuries, probably went to see famous stuff that Catholics painted, sculpted, or built. Catholics knew beauty!

Even in the performing arts, Catholics have greatly contributed to the world with amazing works of music, theatre and film. And yet today, the words “beauty” and “Catholic” seem to clash. When was the last time you walked into a Catholic church in America to gaze at an original painting or sculpture? When was the last time you walked into a church built in the last 50 years that took your breath away? Sadly, it seems that our beige-ified Catholic parishes have certainly missed the beauty boat.   

Missed the Boat Theatre is a grassroots theater community in the Twin Cities started by Catholics who wanted to do more than sit around and watch the Church collapse into the dust. We want the Catholic Church to be known for its art and beauty and contribution to the culture. And we want to do that through theater. We want to make something beautiful for God!

Catholic Young Adults: The Musical is our first production, premiering in November 2019.